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We share some of our client's testimonials below and give some  answers to frequently asked questions in relation to blood donation.

Why donate blood?
Donated blood is a lifeline for many people needing long-term  treatments, not just in emergencies. Your blood's main components: red  cells, plasma and platelets are vital for many different uses.

The human body is the only manufacture of blood.  Therefore by  donating previous blood you can help save the life of a patient in need.

Emergencies happen at all hours of the day or night, such as:
Motor car accidents,
Women with complicated births,
Emergency surgical operations, and
Industrial accidents

and we need to make sure we have adequate stocks of screened blood. Maintaining a regular supply of blood to all the people who need it  is not easy. Blood components have a short shelf life and predicting  demand can be difficult. By giving blood, every donor is contributing to a nation-wide challenge to provide life-saving products whenever and  wherever they are needed.

Who can donate blood?
Most people can donate blood, provided they are:
Between 16 and 60 years of age and weigh 50kg or more.  Consult your medical practitioner if you have any questions.

How long does it take for your body to replace the blood?
Not long at all. A single donation of blood is about 450mls and the average body of a person contains 4500mls.  The donor’s blood  volume begins to be restored immediately and complete restoration of  body fluid comes within 24 hours.   Full replacement of blood cells takes place in a couple of weeks.

How frequently can I donate blood?
Women may donate whole blood after every 120 days and men may donate whole blood after 90 days.

Helpful tips to prepare yourself for donating blood

Eat regular meals to help you avoid feeling lightheaded.

A good night's sleep will boost wellbeing.

Drink plenty of fluids 24 hours before donating, but avoid alcohol.

Put on loose and comfortable clothing, avoid tight sleeves.
If you are unsure about anything related to blood donation, consult your medical practitioner.

We hope to see you there - remember by donating blood you could save a life.

Client Testimonials

Great relief as what could  have been a very stressful time, after an accident on holiday, was  handled efficiently and payment guaranteed
Whilst on holiday in Edinburgh, my wife was hit by a car that did  not stop at a pedestrian crossing. She sustained a fractured Tibial  plateau which required corrective surgery. She was hospitalised at the  Royal Edinburgh Infirmary for 5 days. We have nothing but praise for  all concerned - the ambulance crew, hospital doctors and nursing staff,  general hospital staff and of course, the facility itself. The dealings  with the hospital administration were just as good. We had notified  Health International in Harare of the accident who gave us a reference  number to quote on all medical bills.  A brief call to Harare by the  administrator to clarify a few issues and a payment guarantee by Health  International relieved us of all the stress associated with settling the medical expenses. Payment was made by Health International directly to  the hospital shortly after our return to Zimbabwe. My wife continues to  undergo physiotherapy and these costs have also been settled promptly.  Credit must go to the Zimbabwe Health International office. The Finance Administrator at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary commented on the  pleasure of dealing with health insurance companies such as Health  International and I would appreciate it if these comments could be  relayed to them.

Health International Member - Name withheld in the interest of privacy 

No fees required upfront
One of our clients who is a medical doctor had an emergency  admission to hospital in Johannesburg for cardiac treatment. He is a  Multimed member and he informed us how delighted he was that everything  ran so smoothly. Furthermore, once he had advised Multimed that he was  being admitted to hospital he was not required to make any payments and  the treating specialists were happy to be paid directly by Multimed. He is now back in Zimbabwe making good recovery and is already back at  work.

Multimed Member - Name withheld in the interest of privacy

Guidance, support and top surgeons
My wife had to have a mastectomy; Health International showed a  sympathetic understanding of what a woman has to go through when losing  her breast by agreeing that she could have a breast reconstruction  procedure following the mastectomy.  In the past, this has been  considered as 'cosmetic' by some insurance companies. HI amazed us after our initial approach to them by organising a top general surgeon &  plastic surgeon that would see us the following week in Johannesburg.  They advised on places to stay (our cost) before and after the operation and arranged for a 'step-down' B&B to allow for after hospital care (their cost). My wife received wonderful attention from Lola, the Case  Manager in Johannesburg, both before and after the operation. It is  worth noting that the staff in both the surgeon's office and the  hospital were very complimentary of Health International. We would like  to extend our grateful thanks to Denis, Fiona and Vanessa for the  support and advice in Zimbabwe, and Lola in SA for going the extra mile. I have not heard yet of another organisation going to these lengths.

Name and address withheld in the interest of privacy.

Thank goodness we were covered
We would like to thank Health International (HI) for the efficient  and hassle-free medical assistance that we have received this year. When my son injured himself on hockey tour, whilst in SA, Lola Currin and  her HI colleagues were wonderful. A few phone calls and he was attended  to at Rosebank Hospital, such peace of mind to a mother, especially as I could not be there with him. Soon after, I had an emergency appendix  operation at St Annes in Harare and again the administration went  smoothly, no hassle for money, no delays, all thanks to HI. In addition, HI was able to arrange a nurse aid to be with me at night which was  most reassuring. Not long after my op, my other son fell off his horse  and broke his collar bone and once again, thanks to Health  International, he received the best of care at St Annes and again we  didn’t need to concern ourselves with the fees. See you for our renewal  in December! Money well spent and great peace of mind.

Name and address withheld in the interest of privacy.

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