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The following international medical insurance companies are represented€“

Health International, Medgen, Alliance Health, Multimed, Alliance Health Options, Northern Alliance, Aetna International,InterGlobal, BUPA International.

  • These companies each have several plans that provide  varying levels of cover from Major Medical Expense plans to full medical cover.
  • All the plans provide  for the costs of an air evacuation in the event of a medical emergency  and appropriate treatment not being available locally.
  • These plans will also cover all pre-authorized treatment costs for hospitalization for both emergency and elective (i.e. non emergency) situations.  
  • All the plans will enable you to have hospital treatment in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  • The territorial limits of the plan you choose will determine in which country treatment may be received
  • The insurance companies require that all treatment must be pre-authorised.
  • Upon joining, applicants will be required to complete a  medical declaration and pre- existing medical conditions may be excluded from benefit.

We believe that international medical cover will give you  peace of mind. If you do not have medical insurance, the current cost of an emergency air evacuation from Harare to Johannesburg and the  required hospital deposit is in the region of US$ 25,000. 

In addition HAN represents Liberty Health specifically for corporate clients.

All the international plans can be combined with local  medical schemes to provide you with a comprehensive level of medical  cover.




HAN manages and administers the GP Network which is designed to maintain a good level of primary healthcare in  Zimbabwe. A number of General Practitioners and pharmacies belong to  the GP Network. Members are able to consult with their nominated GP Network doctor and obtain any acute drugs that may be prescribed by that doctor and dispensed from a participating pharmacy at no cost.  There is no  age limit on joining. Although this is a stand-alone plan it can be combined with one of the international medical plans.

Health International offers a discounted premium for GP Network members.

GP Network members' benefits include:

  • unlimited consultations with nominated GP
  • out of hours GP consultations at Michael Gelfand 24 Hour Emergency Rooms
  • free prescribed acute drugs on GP Network script
  • discount offered on Health International

Harare members have 24 hour cover and are able to use The  Michael Gelfand Clinic for GP consultations outside of normal working  hours and over weekends. There is a 24 hour pharmacy on-site.

Tel: +263 (4) 762937 - 9



Health International is very experienced  in dealing with local conditions and the two levels of plans are well  suited to those living both in Zimbabwe and within sub-Saharan Africa. 

The Diamondand Emerald plans meet the costs of hospitalisation for both emergency and

elective treatment and cover. Members are entitled to  benefit throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Emergency medical cover may be  purchased when travelling outside of sub-Saharan Africa.  Pre-authorised treatment costs will be at 100%, however for any ELECTIVE treatment  there is a  US$ 250 excess which is for the members own account.

Maternity benefits are available on the Diamond plan but are subject to a 12 month waiting period before conception.

The annual overall limit of the Diamond and Emerald plans is US$ 1,000,000 and US$ 250,000 respectively.

Membership is available to new members up to 64 years old.



Aetna Global Benefits offers two levels of medical cover and three areas of cover from which to choose.

The Major Medical and Foundation plans provide cover for emergency and elective hospitalisation. The Foundation plan also covers GP and specialist consultations, drugs, and other  out-patient treatment (although dental and optical costs are not  covered). Maternity benefits are covered on this plan and are subject  to a 12 month waiting period.

Both Major Medical and Foundation covers medical emergencies for 90 days whilst travelling outside your  area of cover. Any out-patient treatment, including treatment at Trauma  Centres and Casualty Departments, is on a pay and claim basis. 

The overall annual limit of the Major Medical and Foundation plans is US$ 1,000,000 and US$1,500,000 respectively.

Membership is available to new members up to 64 years old.



Alliance Health offers different levels and areas of medical cover depending on the plan chosen.

The Multimed  plans have four different levels Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze which can be used throughout Africa.

The Bronze plan covers in-patient expenses and has no out-patient benefits.  The Silver plan covers in-patient expenses and has limited out-patient benefits. The Platinum and Gold plans cover all levels of medical care with additional benefit for maternity, wellness checks and dental treatment on the Platinum plan.

The overall annual limit on the Multimed  plans is US$ 1,000,000.

Membership is available to new members up to 74 years old.



Alliance Health also offers the Northern Alliance plans which provide comprehensive benefits with annual global limits  from US$ 100,000 to US$ 300,000 per member.  The plans are designed for  individuals who require cover for existing medical conditions or for  dangerous occupations or activities. Membership is available to new members up to 64 years old.



Alliance Health Options provides all members with Core benefits for hospitalisation, specialised diagnostics and  emergency evacuation and then enables the member to obtain Step Up benefits to meet his personal requirements within Southern and East African countries.

The annual global limit is US$ 1,500,000.

Membership is available to new members up to 74 years old.

Alliance Health Options Select offers comprehensive medical cover to corporate members


InterGlobal offers five levels of plans.

The Standard plan covers in patient hospital expenses and has no out-patient benefits and the Select, Comprehensive, Plus and Elite plans cover all levels of medical care with higher overall annual limits On the Select plan there is no benefit for out-patient dental treatment or wellness  checks. On these four plans there is also cover for Emergency Medical  treatment outside the geographic area of cover with varying overall  limits. Maternity benefits are available for an additional annual  premium and a ten month waiting period is applied.

The overall annual limits are as follows -




US$ 1,275,000


US$ 1,700,000

Plus and Elite

US$ 3,400,000

The Africa Ultracare plans Standard, Select and Comprehensive have overall limits of US$ 150,000; US$ 250,000 and US$ 500,000 respectively and are designed for residents of Africa.

Membership is available to new members up to 74 years old.



BUPA International enables individual members to choose the benefits which they deem to be important.  The  core plan provides for hospitalisation, specialist diagnostics up to US$ 2,550,000. Additional benefits are available. Cover is worldwide and  there is no age limit for membership enrolment.

Corporate clients can access three different levels of cover as follows


US$ 1,000,000


US$ 1,500,000


US$ 2,000,000

Subscriptions for all the above plans are available on request and group discounts may be applied.



Liberty Health is part of the Standard Bank group and  has developed a comprehensive healthcare programme BLUE Health  insurance that works for clients in Africa and is available to  corporates with a minimum of 10 principal members.

Liberty Health BLUE has four levels of cover:

LITE entry level options offering in-patient and out-patient benefits in a  restricted network of providers with an annual global limit of  US$20,000. Benefits are available in country of residence only.

CLASSIC more comprehensive in-patient, out-patient and major disease  management benefits up to an annual limit of US$100,000. Cover available in country of residence only.

PLUS advanced option for executives offering enhanced in-patient,  out-patient, major disease and international evacuation benefits.  Members are covered throughout Africa and India and the annual global  limit is US$500,000.

ELITE this option provides comprehensive worldwide cover (except North  America unless specified) and the annual global limit is US$1,000,000.



Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the Membership Guide/Terms & Conditions/Policy wording relevant to your medical plan and benefits.

If you need an explanation or clarification on any aspect of your cover please contact HAN.

Do not make assumptions; let us decipher the terminology for you.  We are here to help.



All major medical treatment needs to be pre-authorised. If you need to clarify what is deemed 'major' or what you have to do...

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For planned/elective treatment, either as a day patient or in-hospital patient, please ensure that you let us know at least 3 working days...


In the event that you need emergency medical treatment please call the emergency number listed on the back of your membership card...